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ÀTẸ́LẸWỌ́ Organises Free Masterclass on Writing Yorùbá for the Web

Àtẹlẹwọ́ presents a one day Masterclass in Yorùbá Writing for The Web

– Re-introduction to Yorùbá diacritics.
– Free PC installation of Yorùbá keyboard software for participants.
– Free installation of mobile Android keyboard app for participants.
– Free tutorials on how to use the software and app in properly typing the Yorùbá language.
– General discussions on Yorùbá language and culture.
– Certificate of participation

Slot: 25

Date: May 4
Time: 10.00am
Venue: Skill Hub, Suite 14, Eden Plaza, Ajíbọ́dẹ, Ìbàdàn. (From inside UI, take a bus/car going to Ajibode, stop at maternity, you will be facing Eden Plaza.)

For more information, mail or chat up 07061282516 /

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